Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sharon & Eiman

Sharon and Eiman planned an around the world trip to celebrate their wedding, including Paris France, a safari in South Africa, and Positano Italy. At each stop they had a photographer capture memories from the time they spent there. As I often hear, they decided to do an intimate elopement holiday rather than have the stress of planning a big wedding back home with hundreds of people, especially since they both have big Persian families :-) Positano was their first stop on their trip so we did a 'first look' moment at Hotel Poseidon as Eiman had not yet seen Sharon in her wedding dress. Then we walked through the streets of Positano to the beach for more romantic portrait photos. Beautiful, fun, romantic, and definitely stress free.

Positano elopement wedding

View of Positano

Wedding rings
Wedding at Hotel Poseidon in Positano

First look photo

Bride and groom first look

Exchanging wedding rings

Wedding ring exchange

Bride and groom

Elopement wedding Hotel Poseidon

Wedding in Positano

Wedding at hotel Poseidon in Positano

Groom at hotel Poseidon

Bride at hotel Poseidon

Positano wedding

Positano wedding

Bride in Positano
 Groom on Positano beach

Groom portrait on Positano beach

Bride portrait on Positano beach

Bride and groom walking in Positano streets

Beach wedding Positano

Wedding in Positano

Positano beach wedding

Positano beach wedding

Bride and groom in Positano

Elopement wedding

Romantic elopement wedding

Positano beach wedding

Bride and groom in Positano

Wedding in Italy

Positano view

Elopement wedding in Italy

Positano wedding couple

Bride and groom with view of Positano beach

Wedding portrait in Positano

Church wedding in Positano

View of Positano church

Positano beach wedding

Bride and groom walking on the beach


Positano beach

Wedding in Positano

Bride and groom on Positano beach

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