Wednesday 13 September 2017

Holly & JD's Positano Elopement

Holly and JD were inspired by the beauty of Positano for their special elopement. Not wanting all the fuss and preparations of a big wedding they decided to tie the knot in style at the stunning Hotel Marincanto in Positano. This is the perfect venue for a romantic and fun wedding which is exactly what Holly and JD were after. They started the day getting ready in the gorgeous Villa suite, where we also took portraits, and a did a 'First look'. Then it was off to the beach for more pictures. Champagne flowed the whole day through including a bottle of bubbly at the end of our beach photo session. Just before sunset it was time to make our way back to the Marincanto hotel for the ceremony. The day ended with and a romantic dinner and a perfect cake for two.

Wedding at Hotel Marincanto Positano

Bride and groom kissing on Positano beach

Bride at Villa Hotel Marincanto

View from Hotel Marincanto Positano

Bride's bouquet and earrings

Groom writing his vows

Bride having her wedding make-up done

Bride looking at her make-up in the mirror

Bridal make-up

Bride getting ready

Bride having her hair done

Wedding dress

Wedding detail of wedding dress

Postiano bride

Bride holding wedding rings

Bride at Marincanto Positano

Bridal portrait with bouquet


Sea view and flowers at Hotel Marincanto

Bride putting on earrings

Groom getting ready

Groom getting ready at Hotel Marincanto

Groom portrait

Bride getting ready

Bride at Hotel Marincanto

Positano bride

Wedding portrait at Hotel Marincanto

Bride portrait hotel Marincanto

First look photo

First look

Wedding first look

Elopement wedding Positano

Positano wedding

Hotel Marincanto wedding

Romantic elopement wedding

Bride and groom walking in Positano

Waves on the beach

Positano beach wedding

Elopement wedding in Positano

Positano beach wedding

Wedding portrait on Positano beach

Positano wedding


Bride and groom on beach

Bride and groom smiling on the beach

Positano beach wedding

Bride and groom kissing

Bride and groom receiving congratulations

Positano elopement

Sunset Positano elopement

Fun wedding portraits on the beach

Champagne on the beach

Fun elopement wedding in Positano

Champagne kisses

Bride in Positano

Sea view and boats

Positano view

Wedding ceremony Hotel Marincanto

Bride walking down the aisle

Wedding ceremony Hotel Marincanto
Positano wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony certificate and view

Wedding ceremony

Elopement wedding ceremony hotel Marincanto

Wedding ceremony

Groom saying wedding vows

Bride reading wedding vows

Emotional groom at wedding ceremony in Positano

Positano wedding

Wedding at Hotel Marincanto

Exchanging rings during wedding ceremony

Symbolic ceremony in Positano

Bride laughing

Lighting wedding candles


Champagne toast Hotel Marincanto

Positano wedding

Romantic elopement wedding

Positano wedding

Hotel Marincanto wedding

Sunset Positano wedding

Hotel Marincanto at sunset

View Hotel Marincanto

Wedding dinner Hotel Marincanto

Cutting wedding cake

Positano Wedding Photographer - Hotel Marincanto
Venue: Hotel Marincanto
Hair & Make-up: Jimena Puy