Saturday 14 October 2017

Joanna & John's Catholic wedding in Ravello

Joanna and John were married on a beautiful sunny fall day in Ravello.  
Like most of my brides and grooms, Joanna had contacted me by email earlier in the year, and quickly after this we had set up a phone call to discuss her wedding in person. She had been having some difficulty with her wedding planner and  she seemed to be feeling a little stressed out. After we discussed all the details and got to know each other a little better we quickly understood that we were going to get along great.
Joanna and John like many other couples did not think they would be comfortable in front of the camera and were a little hesitant about having their picture taken. This often happens that one person or sometimes both the bride and groom are a little camera shy. One of the best ways to get over this feeling is to get to know each other better BEFORE the wedding day. I am always happy to exchange emails, set up phone conversations, and I ALWAYS meet with the bride and groom in person before the wedding day. 
Your photos will reflect all that happens on the day, so if you are relaxed and comfortable with your photographer that is a great start right?

Villa Fraulo in Ravello

Mountain view from Ravello

View of Villa Fraulo

Bride having wedding make-up done

View from Villa Fraulo

Bride getting ready on her wedding day

The main terrace of Villa Fraulo

Groom and groomsmen before the ceremony

Groom getting ready

Groom with groomsmen on his wedding day

Groom and groomsmen having a beer

Groomsmen portrait having a beer before ceremony

Groomsmen walking to the wedding ceremony

Flower girl looking through doors

Flower girl getting make-up done

View of Ravello from bride's room

View of Ravello mountains

Details of bridal bouquet and Catholic ceremony booklet

Bride getting on wedding dress

Bride getting ready with family

Bride with flower girl

Bridal portrait on terrace at Villa Fraulo

Bride at Villa Fraulo in Ravello

Bride and daughter

Bride with her daughter before the wedding ceremony

Portraits of the bride before the wedding ceremony

Bride laughing with her family

Flower girl busy looking at flowers

Bride infront of entrance of Villa Fraulo

Guests gathered infront of Ravello church

Kids playing on the steps infront of the church before wedding ceremony

Historic buildings and gardens in Ravello

Bride and family walking to wedding ceremony

Bride and family walking to the church

Square of Ravello

Wedding guests entering church

Wedding guest smiling

Wedding guest laughing

Church ceremony in Ravello

Bride walking with her father

Bride with father of the bride

Bride and father arriving at wedding ceremony

Groom waiting at the altar

Bride walking down the aisle

Father giving away the bride

Bride's family during the ceremony

Catholic wedding ceremony in Ravello

Groom lighting the wedding candle

Bride and groom during the Catholic wedding ceremony in Ravello

Catholic priest celebrating wedding ceremony

Wedding guests following the ceremony

Wedding rings and flowers

Lighting the candle in Catholic ceremony

Flower girl watching the lighting of the candle

Catholic wedding in the Ravello Duomo

Flower girl looking at groom and bride

Bride laughing during ceremony

Guests applauding at wedding ceremony

Bride with her mother

Guests congratulating bride and groom after wedding ceremony

Wedding guests congratulating bride and groom while exiting the church

Children watching bride at a wedding ceremony

Wedding portrait of bride and groom kissing

Bride and groom in Ravello square

Bride and groom portrait in Ravello

Bride and groom walking infront of Ravello church

Bride and groom walking in Ravello

Children playing and riding bikes around the bride and groom

Wedding portraits in Ravello

Sunset wedding in Ravello

Bride and groom portrait in front of green door in Ravello

Ravello wedding portraits

Bride and groom holding hands

Garden wedding portrait

Bride and groom kiss at sunset

Ravello vintage wedding

Bride and groom kiss

Wedding portrait of bride and Ravello scenery

Wedding reception at Villa Fraulo 
Wedding reception at Villa Fraulo

Wedding reception in Ravello

Catholic Wedding - Ravello Photographer 
Music: Amalfi Coast Wedding Music
Hair: Piero Mansi
Make-up: Zoe Graham  
Venue: Villa Fraulo