Thursday 8 September 2016

Gloria & William

Gloria & William celebrated their wedding on Gloria's birthday, and it was one of the cutest and most romantic elopements I have ever seen. It was complete with big balloons, a vintage italian car, and a funfetti cake, but not only that they chose two of the most romantic villas in Italy for their beautiful wedding day. 

Wedding Villa Cimbrone

Hotel Belmond Caruso

Wedding Hotel Caruso

Wedding Flowers Ravello

Groom Hotel Caruso

Bride makeup Hotel Caruso

Bride Hotel Caruso

Bride preparations Ravello

Bride Hotel Caruso

Vintage wedding car

Vintage wedding car

Wedding flowers

Wedding ceremony Villa Cimbrone
Bride Villa Cimbrone

Wedding ceremony Villa Cimbrone

Wedding Villa Cimbrone

Wedding ceremony Ravello

Symbolic wedding ceremony

Ravello wedding

Elopement wedding Ravello

Elopement wedding Villa Cimbrone

Wedding Villa Cimbrone Ravello

Wedding balloons Villa Cimbrone

Wedding Infinity terrace Villa Cimbrone

Wedding Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone Ravello

Wedding details Ravello

Ravello Italy

Wedding portrait Villa Cimbrone

Bride and groom Villa Cimbrone

Wedding in Ravello

Wedding Ravello Italy

Villa Cimbrone

Wedding in Ravello

Villa Cimbrone elopement wedding

Villa Cimbrone wedding
 Wedding music 
Elopement wedding dinner

Romantic elopement Villa Cimbrone

Elopement Villa Cimbrone
 Wedding cake Villa Cimbrone 
Funfetti cake

Cutting the cake Ravello

Funfetti birthday wedding cake

Birthday wedding elopement

Wedding Villa Cimbrone

Mr. & Mrs. wedding in Ravello

 Elopement Wedding Villa Cimbrone - Ravello Italy
Event Planner:
Venue: Villa Cimbrone 

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