Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Jodi & Josh's Sweet Amalfi Elopement

Jodi and Josh, like many couples these days, decided they wanted to have a non-traditional elopement. They dreamed of a simple ceremony, and some great photographs to commemorate their special day. The elegant cloisters of the hotel Convento in Amalfi really set the stage for their romantic and sweet elopement ceremony. Encircled by candle light and aromatic rose petals they exchanged their vows while classical guitar echoed softly in the background. As soon as the ceremony finished they popped a bottle of champagne, and we began our photo tour of the amazing Convento hotel. At the end of our photo session, I said goodbye, and left them to enjoy a spectacular moonlight view of Amalfi as they shared a romantic dinner for two served in the 'La Locanda' restaurant.

Amalfi coast view
  Wedding at Hotel Convento Amalfi

Elopement wedding ceremony

Wedding rings and olive branches

Elopement wedding ceremony decoration

Wedding Lanterns

Bride at Hotel Convento Amalfi

Bridal portraits with garden

Bride portrait with her bouquet

Bride in the garden at her Amalfi wedding 

Detail of bride's wedding dress

Bridal bouquet

Amalfi bride

Wedding flowers

Bride at Hotel Convento

Amalfi harbour

Groom underneath large tree

Garden groom portrait

Groom in Amalfi 
Groom at Hotel Convento Amalfi

Groom waiting for the bride

Bride walking down the aisle

Symbolic wedding ceremony

Symbolic wedding ceremony at Hotel Convento cloisters

Elopement wedding

Groom during wedding ceremony in Amalfi

Symbolic wedding

Lighting wedding candle

Lighting wedding candle

Exchanging rings

Elopement wedding ceremony

Hotel Convento wedding

Symbolic wedding ceremony Amalfi coast

Hotel Convento wedding

Romantic elopement Hotel Convento Cloisters

Bride and groom Hotel Convento Amalfi

Elopement in Amalfi

Happy bride and groom

Bride and groom kissing in Amalfi cloisters

Wedding portrait of bride and groom in cloisters

Elopement wedding

Amalfi wedding couple

Amalfi coast elopement

Hotel Convento wedding

Amalfi elopement celebration

Amalfi wedding view

Bride and groom with church bells

Amalfi scenic wedding on the bell tower terrace

View of Amalfi

Hotel Convento wedding portrait

Bride and groom portrait in Amalfi

Amalfi coast wedding

Elopement wedding at Hotel Convento

Wedding portrait of bride and groom with bougainvillea

Bride and groom reflection in Hotel Convento's infinity pool

Bride and groom reflected in hotel Convento's pool

Night view Amalfi 
Florist: Franco Di Bianco
Hair: Piero Mansi
MUA: Nicole Storey

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